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CastEffect – Business Filming Method
Leadership - Sales - Customer Service Awareness 

We specialize in Customer Service and Sales skills Improvement and Management Performance Upgrade.
We teach new skills, increase ownership and retention principles learned, and drive engagement and motivation.
 The CastEffect Proprietary Method is based on an "One Stop Shop" approach:

  You select the issue to be solved in the workshop
  We design a custom workshop around the issue or the challenge you've identified
  Your employees, working together, write a screenplay which identifies the issue and the challenge and come up with a solution
   We film the screenplay, starring your employees – which increases their ownership and retention of the material
   After the post production work – you'll have a professional custom training video and training kit – use it to reinforce skills or train new employees.

We offer two types of projects:

1. "Starter" Projects  


"Buzz" projects for change management situations or for launching new products/systems/methods in the organization.


Employee Engagement
Employee Retention
Performance Appraisal
Interpersonal Communication Improvement

2. Implementation Projects  


Leadership, sales and customer service skills improvement projects.
These training projects are based on 5 phases of knowledge assimilation:


Performance Appraisal
Business results: sales results, customer satisfaction rate and customer retention


28 days from order to product – Professional Custom Training Video and Training Kit 

Our projects meet global and local customers' needs by providing short, focused and results-oriented live instructor-led online and onsite training.

Watch a case study video-presentation:

Our method is based on recent research which discovered a significant improved knowledge retention rate when using emotional involvement and creative training dissemination. Some examples:

1) Although a variety of approaches to creativity training have been developed over the years, two of the most prominent approaches are creative idea production training and creative imagery training (Scott, Leritz, and Mumford 2004b).
Although these two forms vary in terms of objectives and approach, both make use of different types of visualization, and both have been shown to be effective in enhancing creativity (Scott, Leritz, and Mumford 2004b).

2) In 2004, Corporate Leadership Council conducted a global research based on information gathered from 50,000 employees. One of the major findings was:

Employees' emotional involvement was 4 times higher than rational involvement – more than 43% of employee commitment to the organization and approximately 56% of performance improvement.

Emotional involvement was described as pride, enjoyment, inspiration and personal meaning. Rational involvement was described as professional development and financial rewarding.

3) Creative idea production training emphasizes the use of idea generation and elaboration in response to concrete and realistic problems and situations.
This approach encourages the person to visualize how someone might experience a problem and new ways in which it can be solved (Finke 1997). A goal of creative idea production training is to leverage and enhance the mind’s capacity for mental image manipulation (Newell and Simon 1972).

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